Course Descriptions

HPR 101 - Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Healthcare and Education

3 Credits

This course will investigate interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches that address complex multicultural and diversity impacts on healthcare and education in contemporary society. Students will use self-examination, social analysis, case studies and competency building techniques to develop the critical knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to recognize and understand the needs, expectations and behaviors of multicultural and diverse populations in order to provide effective and culturally sensitive communication and deliver culturally congruent, safe and ethical education and/or client health care. Three class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify the factors that influence culture and diversity
2. Explain the demographic data and historical perspectives that support the need for cultural competency in the healthcare and health education professions.
3. Identify the goals of culturally competent healthcare and health education.
4. Explain how a cultural competency continuum model can be used to evaluate an individual’s perspectives about cultural and diversity.
5. Identify common barriers that hinder communication and compliance.
6. Use communication skills that facilitate positive and effective cross-cultural relationships.
7. Assess strategies to manage conflicts that may arise between individuals with differing perspectives on healthcare and health education.
8. Discuss ethical concerns that impact relationships and equity in the health and education environments.
9. Identify common attributes, beliefs and practices held by multicultural and diverse populations which impact communication on healthcare and health education.
10. Explain strategies that can be used to manage differences in cultural beliefs/practices in order to promote compliance and quality healthcare and health education outcomes.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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