Course Descriptions

PHY 121 - Physics for Non-Majors I

A non-mathematical course in classical and modern physics; intended for those seeking a natural science elective. Topics include gravitation, electricity and magnetism, the nature of light, Einstein's Theories of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, blackholes, and the Big Bang. Students interested in taking a transferable laboratory science course should enroll in PHY 120 concurrently. Three class hours. NOTE: Students who successfully complete PHY 121 may, with addition of PHY 120, complete the requirement of SUNY Natural Science General Education. PHY 120 may be taken concurrently or in a later semester, but the student will not have satisfied the SUNY requirement until both PHY 120 and PHY 121 are successfully completed. (SUNY-NS)

3 Credits

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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