Course Descriptions

CIS 101 - Programming for Information Systems

This is a first course in programming for the computer information systems student. Emphasis will be placed on program specification, analysis, problem solving, documentation and implementation of a three-tiered application using an object oriented language. Topics include an introduction to objects, their properties and methods, UML models, variables, constants, performing calculations, coding sequence, selection, and repetition control structures, procedures with parameter passing, multiple forms, arrays, arrayLists, database file processing, validation, error trapping, exception handling, and basic SQL. Students will use programming software during class and lab to reinforce and apply concepts. Major programming projects will be assigned to be completed outside of lab and class. Three class hours and two lab hours. 4 Credits.

4 Credits

Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in CIS 100 or CPT 114

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Fall Semester 2014
Summer Session 2014