Course Descriptions

MUS 119 - Music in World Cultures

3 Credits

A diverse overview of classical, popular, and folk music traditions comprising all of the major world cultures. The objectives of the course are to look closely at how we define what music is and what social and cultural roles it serves in our lives. Students will listen to music from other cultures and discuss how the music reflects differences in the way that another society defines music and its role in their lives. This process will also show how diverse and global our own musical traditions already are. The course will also explore the role of music as ritual, mode of communication, work accompaniment and artistic expression. Three class hours, two experiential hours. This course fulfills the MCC requirement for a social science elective. (SUNY-A/H)

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Define elements of music from all over the world.
2.Describe how our own popular, classical or folk music have been influenced by other cultures throughout history.
3.Differentiate between music as entertainment and as a vital element of a culture.
4.Classify the many different ways one can define, create, or interpret music.
5.Explain how closely related music is to one's culture and society historically.
6.Discuss the way in which they listen to or appreciate music.
7.Identify the differences, creativity or unique musical contributions of musical traditions from around the world, both historically and today.
8.Group and identify by ear the most influential musical artists from a variety of cultural history.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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