Course Descriptions

PHY 146 - College Physics II

4 Credits

A continuation of PHY 145. Topics include electrostatics, electric potential and energy, DC circuits, magnetism and electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic waves and wave properties, optics, and modern physics. Available both fall and spring. Three class hours, two laboratory hours, one conference hour. (SUNY-NS)

(Prerequisites: PHY 145 with a grade of C or higher; MTH 141 (may be taken concurrently)or MTH 165.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Solve a 2-step electric forces and fields problem using trigonometry.
2. Solve a 1-step electric potential problem using algebra.
3. Solve a 3-step electric current and circuits problem for a new situation using algebra.
4. Solve a 2-step magnetic forces and fields problem using trigonometry.
5. Solve a 1-step electromagnetic induction problem using algebra.
6. Solve a 2-step alternating current problem using algebra.
7. Solve a 2-step electromagnetic waves problem using algebra.
8. Solve a 2-step reflection and refraction of light problem using algebra.
9. Solve a 2-step interference and diffraction problem using algebra.
10. Solve a 2-step modern physics problem using algebra.
11. Demonstrate competency with lab instruments.
12. Differentiate between good and bad data.
13. Write a conclusion for a laboratory experiment.
14. Design a rudimentary experiment.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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