Course Descriptions

PHY 120 - Physics for Non-Majors Laboratory

1 Credit

A laboratory course to supplement class lectures in PHY 121. Exercises will cover motion, Newton's Laws, energy, electricity, magnetism, optics and modern physics. Computers will be used extensively to collect and analyze data, process video images, and run simulations. Two laboratory hours. NOTE: This course only meets SUNY General Education Natural Science requirements when both PHY 120 and PHY 121 are successfully completed. (SUNY-NS)

Prerequisites: PHY 121 may be taken concurrently or previously completed.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate competency with basic lab instruments.
2. Differentiate between good and bad data.
3. Construct a rudimentary hypothesis.
4. Write a reasonable conclusion for a laboratory experiment.
5. Explain the answer to a physics question using physics concepts and deductive/inductive reasoning.
6. Predict the outcome of an experiment using physics concepts and deductive reasoning.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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