Course Descriptions

MUS 140 - Jazz Ensemble

1 Credit

Rehearsal and performance of jazz, Latin, and pop instrumental, music for big band (piano, bass, drums, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and guitar). Rehearsals include study of playing with good time, intonation, jazz inflections, articulations, and correct interpretation of classic jazz literature to modern styles. Concert performances include major concerts twice each semester in MCC's Theatre, and there is the potential for additional on-campus or off-campus performances. (This course may be repeated for credit.) Three laboratory hours, 10+ experiential hours.

Prerequisite: Prior experience in a jazz band or permission of instructor. Recommended corequisites: MUS 143/144 is highly recommended .

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Reproduce melodic and rhythmic note patterns in published musical arrangements by repeated rehearsal in class towards a goal of a successful performance in concert.
2. Recognize how to balance one's sound and tuning against others in a small section (brass, woodwinds, rhythm section) and then the larger group by active listening and following director's conducting and visual cues.
3. Analyze and critique recorded student performances by listening to professional recordings and then comparing them to the recordings of student performances.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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