Course Descriptions

XRT 230 - Imaging Pathology II

1 Credit

A continuation of XRT 220. Designed to examine medical images for pathologic processes as compared to normal anatomy and topography. The main focus is on the study of changes which occur as a result of disease and injury which necessitate alteration of standard radiographic exposure applications. Probes pathology of the genitourinary system, osseous system and joints, central nervous system, and investigates all aspects of neoplasia. One class hour.

Prerequisite: XRT 220.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. At the completion of the course the student will: determine patient conditions by correlating clinical information with radiographic images.
2. Assess the "normal" chest radiograph.
3. Correlate an assigned disease with patient treatment and progress through the development of a patient chart.
4. Synthesize radiographic exposure technical factors to adjust for various pathologic conditions.
5. Research selected diseases and present pathological findings.

Course Offered Spring only

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