Course Descriptions

SCR 212 - Computer Security II

3 Credits

This course provides the student with the knowledge and skills to prevent data theft, protect intellectual property, thwart identity theft, ensure compliance with security-related laws, counter cyber-terrorism, and prevent loss of productivity from security breaches. Two class hours, two laboratory hours.

Prerequisite: SCR 211

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate the ability to identify, collect, preserve, and analyze computer forensic evidence.
2. Demonstrate the ability to create media images of computer systems for analysis.
3. Demonstrate basic proficiency in the understanding and use of encryption and password protection schemes.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the elements and flow of a computer investigation report.
5. Name, distinguish and explain the main features of the different types of forensic hardware and software tools.
6. Explain how to make a desktop or laptop computer secure by protecting the equipment and the data stored on it, as well as preventing viruses and spyware from taking over.
7. Explain how an organization can implement a secure environment through security policies, human resource procedures, and business continuity plans.
8. Explain how attacks through the Internet can occur and what steps can be taken to reduce the risk of Internet attacks and e-mail vulnerabilities.
9. Describe the different types of network security attacks and how to set up both wired, as well as wireless, network security.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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