Course Descriptions

GEG 101 - Physical Geography I

Physical Geography is the science concerned with the spatial aspects and interactions of the physical elements and processes that make-up the environment. GEG 101 is an introductory course presented through two of Earth’s major spheres: the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Topics include Earth/Sun relations, Earth’s energy budget, atmospheric temperature, moisture and precipitation, winds, weather, climate, and Earth’s water. This is a natural science course. Three credits.

NOTE: Students who successfully complete GEG 101 may, with the addition of GEG 100, complete the requirement for SUNY Natural Science General Education. GEG 100 may be taken concurrently or in a later semester, but the student will not have satisfied the SUNY requirement until both GEG 101 and GEG 100 are successfully completed. (SUNY-NS).

3 Credits

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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