Course Descriptions

HSP 222 - Integrated Studies for Hospitality Management

A specialized focus on the alliance of the food, hotel, and tourism management areas. This course emphasizes the interrelationship of these three areas in the field of catering, resort management, and destination appeal. Practical observation is provided either through domestic or international experiences via air, rail, ship, or motorcoach transportation. Hotel inspections and destination sightseeing, as well as restaurant tours, are an integral part of the course. Since the location, duration of the course, and course assignments will vary each semester, the credit hours also vary from one to three credits. Specific course requirements for each course can be obtained from the Department. Special fees include the cost of transportation to the course site, lodging, food, and miscellaneous expenses. Five to fifteen class hours, 30-90 laboratory hours, depending on credits.

1-3 Credits

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