Course Descriptions

ART 271 - 20th Century Art and Ideas

3 Credits

A survey course in modern and contemporary art from 1870 to the present with an emphasis on innovations and developments in 20th century painting, sculpture, architecture, urban planning, photography, and the decorative arts. Individual artists and movements such as constructivism, art deco, dadaism, cubism, expressionism, international style, and post-modernism will be studied in relationship to the events and works that shape our present cultural environment. This course fulfills the MCC requirement for a a social science elective. Three class hours. (SUNY-H)

Course Learning Outcomes
1. IDENTIFY major works of art, architecture, design and critical theories that have shaped modern art from the late 19th Century (Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Symbolism etc) through the 20th Century and into the contemporary art of the 21st Century.
2. ANALYZE relationships between works of modern art and architecture with the historical and cultural influences from which they have developed.
3. UNDERSTAND and ARTICULATE the issues, historical contexts and critical theories that identify various styles, innovations, technological influences (internet, video, digital printing and so forth) that have shaped (and continue to shape) the history of 20th Century Art and Ideas.

Course Offered Fall only

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