Course Descriptions

TOY 191 - Introduction to Automotive Service

2 Credits

An introductory course designed to develop entry level skills, including: workplace safety, proper use of hand tools and lifts, application of manufacturer vehicle information systems, vehicle express maintenance, scan tool usage and an overview of vehicle systems. Six laboratory hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Communicate effectively in written or verbal context.
2. Display professional behaviors.
3. Perform to industry standards in a working environment.
4. Demonstrate proper use of tools and equipment in relation to course subject matter.
5. Demonstrate proper shop safety.
6. Demonstrate proper tool safety.
7. Demonstrate vehicle preparation for service.
8. Demonstrate vehicle preparation for the customer.
9. Interpret Service Information Systems.
10. Perform basic vehicle maintenance.
11. Calculate efficiency and effectiveness using the flat rate system.

Course Offered Fall only

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