Course Descriptions

ESL 145 - English for Speakers of Other Languages - Multi-Skills II

4 Credits

A course at the higher level, that stresses the development of all skills, with particular emphasis on reading and writing. Instruction in a class and workshop setting, with special attention to individual needs. Placement at low-advanced level on proficiency tests required. Subsequent enrollment in ESL courses is determined by instructor recommendation or by testing. Five class hours; offered evenings only.

Prerequisite: ESL 125 with a grade of C or better; or placement at low-advanced level on proficiency test; or permission of Program Coordinator.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Explain main ideas from various narratives.
2.Explain main ideas in nonfiction articles.
3.Discuss ideas using concrete evidence from texts.
4.Summarize nonfiction articles.
5.Discuss personal connections to a text.
6.Use tone and register appropriate for an academic setting.
7.Write a research project.
8.Revise a research project.
9.Correct errors that contribute to a lack of clarity.
10.Present a research project orally.
11.Use select academic vocabulary words appropriately.
12.Employ appropriate strategies for handling unfamiliar academic vocabulary.
13.Use a computer for word processing, email, library database research, or multi-media presentations.

Course Offered Fall only

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