Course Descriptions

ESL 201 - English for Speakers of Other Languages - Advanced II: Reading/Writing - WR

4 Credits

This course emphasizes the continuing development of reading and writing through the process approach. It includes informal writing, paraphrasing, summarizing, as well as essay writing. Students will focus on revising their writing and editing for correctness. Five class hours.

Prerequisite: ESL 130 or ESL 145 with a grade of C or better; or placement at Advanced Level on Proficiency Tests; or permission of program coordinator.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Explain main ideas in nonfiction articles or narratives.
2.Summarize or paraphrase excerpts from texts.
3.Discuss personal connections to texts.
4.Identify appropriate rhetorical patterns in texts.
5.Write various essays on assigned topics.
6.Identify errors that contribute to a lack of accuracy.
7.Correct errors that contribute to a lack of accuracy.
8.Utilize effective note-taking strategies.
9.Use select academic vocabulary words appropriately.
10.Employ appropriate strategies for handling unfamiliar academic vocabulary.
11.Use tone and register appropriate for an academic setting.
12.Use a computer for word processing, email, or multi-media presentations.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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