Course Descriptions

NUR 111 - Fundamentals of Nursing

The conceptual framework of the MCC nursing program is introduced. The nursing process is presented and used as a framework to focus on nursing care of an individual with non-acute health care needs. Emphasis is placed on assessment of an individual's ability to meet basic needs and implementation of fundamental therapeutic nursing interventions in response to unmet basic needs. The core components of associate degree nursing practice (Professional Behaviors, Communication, Assessment, Clinical Decision-Making, Therapeutic Nursing Interventions, and Collaboration) are introduced. Teaching and Learning, and Managing Care core components are defined. Three class hours, two conference hours, six clinical laboratory hours.

7 Credits

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in high school chemistry, biology and either Sequential Math, Math A Regents or High School Algebra or MTH 098; corequisites: NUR 110, PSY 101 and BIO 142 unless previously taken.

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