Course Descriptions

ENG 113 - Introduction to Creative Writing-WR

3 Credits

An introductory, skill-building workshop to help students develop techniques that will prepare them to write the short fiction, poetry, and drama expected in ENG 213. Emphasis is on developing observation skills, imaginative leaps, and formal techniques such as image, metaphor, symbol, character, conflict, dialogue, the poetic line, and setting/stage directions. Three class hours.

Prerequisite(s): Waiver of Accuplacer reading and sentence level tests; score of 71 or higher on reading test and 82 or higher on sentence level test; or completion of TRS 200 with a C or better; or completion of TRS 105 with a C or higher; or completion of ESL 201 with a C or higher, or ENG 200 placement.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Research and describe with a writer’s precision and insight small details from the real world.
2. Construct coherent fictional details that have their roots in observed and/or researched details.
3. Construct a variety of literary devices including but not limited to imagery, metaphor, symbol, character, conflict, dialogue, the poetic line, and setting/staging.
4. Generate ideas that can be used towards the future construction of short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama.
5. Participate constructively in a workshop environment.
6. Create the equivalent of a writer's journal that can record ideas as opposed to finished products.

Course Offered Spring only

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