Course Descriptions

EMS 101 - EMS First Responder

3 Credits

This course is for non-ambulance professional rescuers who are first to arrive at an emergency medical scene to provide pre hospital care. Topics covered are patient assessment, CPR review, airway, shock, wound management, full body immobilization, and initial treatment for other medical emergencies. Students successfully completing this course are eligible for New York State Department of Health Certified First Responder certification. Thirty six instruction hours, thirty laboratory hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify life threatening conditions using a standardized patient assessment method.
2. Provide necessary medical interventions based on current protocols using minimal equipment.
3. Identify appropriate actions to prevent injury using critical thinking techniques.
4. Use patient assessment to determine tools needed for patient care and emergency scene management.
5. Demonstrate proper use of equipment available to a first responder.

Course Offered Spring only

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