Course Descriptions

AAD 167 - Web Design: Graphics

3 Credits

A Graphic Design course that provides instruction in various processes that involves the planning for, and designing of Internet-based information publishing. Introduces students to the theoretical principles of visual language and also affords the practical opportunity to apply the principles using modern Internet publishing tools. Topics include; image design and preparation, typography, viewer expectations, precedence (guiding the eye), navigation, usability and accessibility practices, and some techniques for the evaluation of web design. - Course takes place within a Macintosh environment utilizing Adobe software. - Students will be required to purchase art supplies and materials. - Students may be required to print at a local service bureau. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: AAD 160, AAD 104 and AAD 105, or permission of instructor

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Design Internet-based information publishing.
2. Apply design principles using modern Internet publishing tools.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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