Course Descriptions

NUR 112 - Nursing Care of the Adult and Child-I

Focus is on basic needs of clients and the use of the nursing process to promote wellness, prevent illness and manage responses to identified actual or potential health problems. Topics include those related to body image, circulation, gastrointestinal disorders, infection, metabolism (diabetes), movement and sensation (musculoskeletal, vision and hearing), neoplasms, pain and surgery. The core components of Associate Degree Nursing Practice (Professional Behaviors, Communication, Assessment, Clinical Decision Making, Therapeutic Nursing Interventions, Teaching and Learning, Collaboration, and Managing Care) are developed and applied. One class hour, four conference hours, nine clinical laboratory hours.

8 Credits

Prerequisites: NUR 110 and NUR 111 with a minimum grade of C, PSY 101, BIO 142 with a minimum grade of C; corequisites: BIO 143, PSY 212 and ENG 101 or ENG 200, unless previously taken.

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