Course Descriptions

CLT 251 - Clinical Affiliate Clinical Rotation I - Body Fluids/Urinalysis and Immunology Serology

The Clinical Rotations are intended to expose the CLT/MLT students to a functioning lab in an integrated health care environment and to assure the students meet the CLT/MLT competencies as described in the CLT/MLT Student Handbook. As such, emphasis is placed on professional conduct and performance of procedures in accordance with protocols of the department.

Under the supervision of laboratory personnel, students will demonstrate professional behavior, conduct routine procedures, develop their analytical skills and apply knowledge acquired in the program. Students will verify preanalytical specimen integrity, follow analytical laboratory protocols and demonstrate exceptional communication skills in the post analytical reporting of results. There are approximately 6 departments; Body Fluids/Urinalysis, Immunology/Serology, Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Blood Bank and Hematology. There are 3 rotational courses; CLT 251, 253 and 255. Therefore, on average a student will rotate through 2 departments per rotation and will spend approximately equal time or 64 hours per department.

Please note that the configurations of our Clinical Affiliates differ but this model will be followed closely.

2 Credits

Prerequisite: CLT 203, CLT 210, CLT 220, CLT 230 and permission of program director; co-requisite: CLT 260

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