Course Descriptions

MTH 220 - Discrete Mathematics

3 Credits

An introduction to discrete mathematics primarily intended for students majoring in Mathematics or Computer Science. Topics will include propositional and predicate logic, elementary number theory, mathematical induction, set theory, combinatorics, functions, and relations. Methods of proof will be developed in a variety of mathematical contexts.

Prerequisite: MTH 210 with a grade of C or higher, or equivalent.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Use and interpret mathematically correct terminology and notation.
2. Apply logical reasoning to solve a variety of problems.
3. Formulate a correct proof of a universally quantified statement.
4. Propose a counterexample to demonstrate that a statement is false.
5. Solve a variety of combinatorial problems.
6. Classify a function using concepts such as one-to-one, onto, and bijection.
7. Analyze a given relation to determine whether or not it is reflexive, symmetric, transitive, or an equivalence relation.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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