Course Descriptions

ITA 207 - Cinema for Italian Conversation

In this course, students will improve their Italian conversational skills through the discussion of films in Italian. Student presentations will help the students improve their public speaking skills. In addition, students will improve their listening comprehension through exposure to native speech. The films will introduce students to culture, some history, vernacular speech and regional accents. This course offers a new and different vision of language learning and use. The films serve as a catalyst for thought provoking cultural and linguistic examination. This offers the students the ability to express themselves and to expose themselves to the rich culture of Italy. The students will broaden their knowledge and analyze, compare and enrich their vocabulary and hone their analytic and critical thinking skills through their enhancement, solidification of the knowledge of the language, and its variety of uses. Three class hours. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters. (SUNY-FL)

3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ITA 103, or excellence in high school Italian 5, the equivalent, or permission of instructor.

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Fall Semester 2014
Summer Session 2014