Course Descriptions

AAD 108 - Ideation: Illustration and Design

This course involves investigation into the basic technical, aesthetic and conceptual aspects of illustration and design. The philosophy of the course is that innovation is a skill that is both visual and experiential, which, through practice, evokes insights, associations and resonances. The course teaches basic ideation skills—how to see, think and respond through observing, experiencing, drawing and designing to solve a variety of visual problems. This is a studio-based subject involving intensive, practical, hands-on exercises taught simultaneously with visual theory. The course seeks to expand each student's visual vocabulary, aesthetic consciousness and creative thought.

- Course takes place within a Macintosh environment utilizing Adobe software.
- Students will be required to purchase art supplies and materials.
- Students may be required to print at a local service bureau.

3 Credits

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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Fall Semester 2015
Summer Session 2015