Course Descriptions

MUS 145 - Jazz Combo

1 Credit

Rehearsal and performance of traditional jazz standards, Latin, avant-garde and pop instrumental, music for small combo (piano, bass, drums, guitar, and some horns such as saxophone and trumpet ). Rehearsals include study of playing compositions with an emphasis on improvising in a small group format. Correct interpretation of classic jazz literature to modern styles is studied in this context of a small combo. Concert performances include major concerts twice each semester in MCC's Theatre, Atrium, or Student Center and there is the potential for additional on-campus or off-campus performances. (This course may be repeated for credit.) Three laboratory hours, 10+ experiential hours.

Prerequisite: Prior experience improvising in a jazz band or permission of instructor; corequisite: MUS 143/MUS 144 is highly recommended

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Read music and recall previous rehearsals in class for correct way to perform music studied.
2. Interpret different forms and styles in performing traditional jazz standards, Latin, avant-garde and pop instrumental within the general classification of jazz in a small group format.
3. Apply and demonstrate jazz feel, articulation, melodic-haromonic concepts, and rhythms in rehearsal and performance.
4. Criticize and evaluate performances through CD recordings of student concerts and studio recordings as well as in rehearsals in class for the purpose of improving one's performance and understanding of this American art form.
5. Create spontaneous (improvised) solos over harmonic structures studied in class that 'tell a story', draw the listener in, thereby demonstrating knowledge of jazz music vocabulary.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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