Course Descriptions

EMS 119 - Emergency Medical Technician Recertification

3 Credits

This course is for individuals who are certified as emergency medical technicians and need recertification and updating for the purpose of maintaining their competency in providing emergency medical care. The course presents students with both a review and update of the topics covered in the Emergency Medical Technician course (EMS 110). Recent changes in the prehospital emergency medical care field are emphasized. Thirty instruction hours, twenty-five laboratory hours.

Prerequisite: EMS 110 or equivalent.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. In the setting of a periodic recertification course, generalize use a standardized assessment method, identify common medical emergency conditions and provide required medical interventions based on common protocols with equipment available in the basic prehospital care environment.
2. In the setting of a periodic recertification course, apply critical thinking techniques to identify appropriate actions to prevent injury and to articulate a series of actions to properly manage the situation
3. In the setting of a periodic recertification course, demonstrate proper use of medical equipment that would be available to an emergency medical technician including airway management equipment, automated external defibrillators, hemorrhage control materials, splinting materials, immobilization devices and patient assessment tools.
4. Describe changes in the practice of prehospital emergency medical care that have occurred during the time since their last certification and articulate how they will impact their practice of prehospital care

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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