Course Descriptions

HVA 207 - Computers in HVAC

3 Credits

A course demonstrating the role of the computer in the HVAC technologies. The student will receive an overview of the operation of six current computer programs in the HVAC specialties. Three class hours.

Prerequisites: HVA 102, HVA 103 and HVA 104.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate the basic operation of a computer.
2. Locate HVAC/R resource information such as manufacturers' homepages, HVAC/R mall web-sites and other relevant internet sources.
3. Demonstrate how to use various HVAC/R troubleshooting software.
4. Demonstrate how to use load calculation software.
5. Evaluate a total structure load analysis using load calculation software.
6. Locate other available HVAC/R software.
7. Explain how computers are used for energy management, HVAC/R system control, and component identification in automated building control.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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Spring Semester 2019
Summer Session 2019