Course Descriptions

HIM 105 - Medical Transcription

3 Credits

Designed to introduce the student to the knowledge and skills required for medical transcription in a health care facility, utilizing digital dictation and MS Word. Organized and presented according to body systems. Transcription will consist of discharge summaries, operative reports, x-ray reports, histories and physicals, and other assorted medical reports. Use of references emphasized. Two class hours, two laboratory hours.

Prerequisite: HIM 104 with a minimum grade of C.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Utilize Microsoft Office Word to create visually professional and legible medical reports.
2. Cite various headings and subheadings typically found in common medical reports.
3. Develop precision listening and proofreading skills to assist with transcription of dictated medical reports.
4. Develop skills necessary to utilize a wide variety of resource materials necessary for competent transcription.
5. Explain the role of the transcriptionist in health record services and the importance of the current flow of clinical information in relationship to health care delivery.
6. Cite and apply basic ethical and legal aspects of medical transcription.
7. Describe various technology utilized in dictation and transcription services and equipment selection criteria.
8. Employ methods for monitoring and improving transcription productivity.
9. Define, spell and pronounce correctly the general medical terms commonly utilized in medical machine transcription
10. Analyze abbreviated physician drug prescriptions and correctly translate such orders/prescriptions.

Course Offered Spring only

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