Course Descriptions

PLE 165 - Enhanced In-Service

.5-1 Credit

Designed for public safety professionals, this course provides 7-15 hours of annual, required common core instruction, including updates on changes in the field. This instruction will be encompassed from the Bureau of Municipal Police, Office of Public Safety general subject areas for police in- service education. The subject areas will be legal issues, police and the public, police procedures, mechanics of arrest, and educational electives. A lecturer/facilitator will present this instruction. At the conclusion of this course the participant will be given an authentic assessment consisting of one or more of the following: written test, oral exam, oral reporting, practical performance exam of skills learned or peer assessment. Due to the annual requirement of instruction, this course may be taken more than once. Variable class hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate an understanding and apply information learned on a specific law enforcement designated topic.

Course Offered Spring only

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