Course Descriptions

HVA 210 - Mechanical Estimating

4 Credits

As many heating, ventilating and air conditioning personnel advance in their careers, the aspiration for many is to enter the area of estimating. This course will explore the fundamentals of blueprint reading, mechanical takeoff, reading mechanical specifications, equipment and labor estimating, both manually and by computer. This course is applicable to both residential and commercial contractors. Four class hours.

Prerequisites: HVA 101, HVA 102, HVA 103, HVA 104, HVA 105 or permission of department.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify mechanical system types, components and application in HVAC/r industry.
2. Demonstrate installation procedures used currently in HVAC/r field for industrial mechanical systems.
3. Identify proper delivery methods for securing bid.
4. Differentiate between private and public bidding.
5. Prepare an estimate in the HVAC/r field by hand or by utilizing computer aided software.

Course Offered Spring only

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