Course Descriptions

CRJ 222 - Criminal Justice Education Internship II

3 Credits

An activity designed to enhance the Criminal Justice student's theoretical and educational concepts with practical work experience gained by working 135 hours during a semester with a cooperative Criminal Justice Agency. Seminars will be held and papers written on the work experiences and their educational value. 135 field work hours. (It is strongly suggested that students register for this course during their final semester before graduation.) 3 Credits.

Prerequisites: CRJ 101, CRJ 103, CRJ 104, CRJ 204, or permission of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. discuss the process of job performance objectives, performance planning, and performance appraisals related to work assignment (e.g., skill development, increase in knowledge or an improvement in attitude or motivation);
2. make the connection between formal education and work in a student’s career field;
3. analyze the organizational and interpersonal problems in the workplace and develop strategies to problem solving;
4. examine key incidents or patterns in the work experience and reflect on changes in attitudes and opinions regarding the work environment;
5. exhibit a sensitivity to, and an understanding of, the needs, opinions, concerns, and customs of others;
6. explore law and criminal justice career objectives, identify positive and negative role models and styles of leadership, and examine different types of career paths;
7. explore career planning strategies including self-assessment and goal setting techniques; and
8. develop successful job search skills.

Course Offered Spring only

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