Course Descriptions

EMS 172 - Ambulance - Emergency Vehicle Operator Course

1 Credit

This course is designed to provide operators of ambulances with the knowledge and minimum skills to drive a certified ambulance in accordance with New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, while reducing the risks to the crew and public resulting in the ambulance being operated safely and efficiently. General topics include ambulance operator selection, legal aspects of operation, communication roles, vehicle characteristics, inspection and maintenance, navigation and routing, basic maneuvers, emergency operation, defensive actions, reviewing the run, and special considerations of emergency vehicle operation. In addition to the classroom hours, participants spend 8 hours in the cab of an ambulance practicing and demonstrating skills on a closed vehicle course. Clean New York State Motor Vehicle Operators License and either a letter of recommendation from sponsoring EMS agency or specific EMS department approval. Eighteen instruction hours, eight laboratory hours.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Identify, analyze and apply portions of New York State law, regulation and policies that relate to operation of emergency vehicles.
2. Describe characteristics of emergency vehicles, circumstances of emergency response, and factors relating to safe emergency vehicle operation.
3. Demonstrate safe emergency vehicle handling in a variety of controlled settings.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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