Course Descriptions

MAR 203 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing

3 Credits

An in-depth look at the market-driven entertainment and sports industries. This course examines the dynamics of marketing various forms of entertainment including product tie-ins, cross promotions, the branding of persons, events and venues, entertainment marketing research, reputation management, the underlying economic factors, and marketing communication strategy. The course will examine marketing strategies based on changing public tastes, expanding channels of distribution, the role of new technology, as well as business venture trends. We will also look at legal issues and other challenges facing the marketing of sports and entertainment products. The course utilizes a combination of lecture, discussion, and project-based learning. Short, current case studies from key areas will be discussed. We will combine theoretical marketing models with practical examples. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: MAR 200 with a C or better OR BUS 104 with a C or better

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of marketing terminology, concepts and history as they affect the entertainment industry.
2. Relate and apply marketing strategies of product, price, place, and promotion to the marketing of Entertainment.
3. Identify the legal and other challenges facing these industries.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the economic factors necessary for success in these industries.
5. Demonstrate the development of creativity and problem solving skills relative to the marketing of entertainment and sports.
6. Demonstrate an understanding of new and changing technologies used to market sports and entertainment products.
7. Demonstrate an understanding of branding, relationship management, and reputation management issues
8. Apply principles of Intangibles Marketing to entertainment businesses.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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