Course Descriptions

MAR 204 - Advertising

3 Credits

Effective use of advertising media, integration of promotion plans and sales techniques with advertising. This course will be offered in the Fall Semester during the evening and in the Spring Semester during the day. Three class hours.

Prerequisite: MAR 200 with a C or better

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate the development of analysis, planning and problem-solving skills that lead to effective decision making in an advertising context.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the role and importance of advertising in contemporary marketing, both for profit and non profit organizations.
3. Identify the ethical issues associated with advertising
4. Analyze the competitive marketing environment as well as the technology and media that are used to transmit the advertising message.
5. Demonstrate and be able to apply an understanding of the important terms, principles, and concepts involved in advertising.
6. Demonstrate the development of effective team playing skills in an advertising/marketing context.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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Fall Semester 2016
Intersession 2017
Spring Semester 2017