New and Revised Courses

The new or revised courses listed below have been approved through the curricular process
and will appear in the 2016 - 2017 College Catalog. For more information, please contact the appropriate Academic Department Chairperson.

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AAD - Applied Art and Design
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ACC - Accounting
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AGS - Agricultural Studies
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ANT - Anthropology
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ART - Art
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ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
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ATP - Automotive Technology
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BIO - Biology
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BUS - Business
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CE - Cooperative Education
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CHE - Chemistry
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CIN - Cinema Studies
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CIS - Computer Information Systems
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CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
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CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
CLT 230 - Hematology and Coagulation (Revised)
A comprehensive study of the physiology of the normal hematopoietic system and the pathophysiology of an abnormal hematopoietic system and ramifications of these lesions in maintaining homeostasis. Emphasis is on the mechanics of test procedures, interpretation of hematology test results and correlation of the results with disease. Three class hours, three laboratory hours. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite: CLT 110 with grade of C or higher and any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor
CLT 130 - Body Fluids and Urinalysis (Revised)
This course is the study of the structure and function of the processes which result in urine and body fluid production. The emphasis of the course will be on analysis and interpretation of test results and will include pathophysiological correlations to the test results. Topics will include urinalysis, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, serous fluid analysis, analysis of transudates, exudates and gastrointestinal contents and semen analysis. One class hour, two laboratory hours. 2 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 134, BIO 142, BIO 144 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor. Co-requisite(s): Any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 (or previously completed)
CLT 140 - Immunology (Revised)
An introduction to basic concepts in immunology. Topics include classification systems of the immune system. Functions and interactions of each component of the immune subsystems. Mechanisms of action of each active component of the immune subsystems. Detailed analysis of the development of the immune system, specific immunoglobulin structures, functions and genetics, complement and other cascades and the major histocompatibility complex will be covered. Disorders discussed will include anergy, hypersensitivities, autoimmune diseases, allergies, immune deficiencies and AIDS. Two class hours. 2 Credits.

Prerequsite(s): CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 134, BIO 142, BIO 144 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor. Co-requisite(s): CLT 145 AND any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 (or previously completed)
CLT 145 - Serological Techniques (Revised)
An introduction to the theory and practice of serological testing with emphasis on clinical significance and disease correlation. Topics include traditional techniques and molecular methods for detection and confirmation of disease states. Three laboratory hours. 1 Credit.

Prerequisite(s): CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 134, BIO 142, BIO 144 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor. Co-requisite(s): CLT 140 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 (or previously completed)
CLT 150 - Histology Techniques (Revised)
An introduction to histological techniques used in the clinical laboratory setting. Topics include tissue preparation, fixation, embedding, sectioning, mounting and staining to facilitate microscopic examination. The student will be required to identify common cellular and tissue structures and will be required to follow all laboratory and safety protocols. Two laboratory hours. 1 Credit.

Prerequisite(s):CLT 100 with a grade of C or higher AND any one of BIO 135, BIO 143, BIO 145 each with a grade of C or higher; or permission of instructor
CLT 220 - Immunohematology (Revised)
An introduction to the field of practical Immunohematology and Blood Banking. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical knowledge of human genetics, blood groups, blood cell grouping, blood components, fractionation, storage and washing, transfusion therapies, transfusion reactions, and alloantibody and autoantibody formation. Additionally, good laboratory practices, neatness, organization, attention to detail and professionalism are revisited. Two class hours, two laboratory hours. 4 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): BIO 135, BIO 148, CLT 110 and CLT 140 or permission of instructor
CLT 203 - Diagnostic Microbiology (Revised)
A comprehensive study of microorganisms of importance in human health and disease. Topics include the preanalytical collection and processing of clinical specimens as well as the analytical morphology, isolation, and identification of pathogens, with a focus on colonial, microscopic, biochemical and molecular characteristics and additionally the postanalytical interrelationships of microorganisms and human hosts and the correlation, prevention and control of infectious diseases. Bacteriology is emphasized but the course includes a survey of mycology, parasitology, and virology. Four laboratory hours. 2 Credits.

Prerequisite: BIO 202 with a grade of C or higher, or permission of instructor.
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COM - Communication
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COS - College Success
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CPT - Computer Technology
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CRC - Computer Related Curricula
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CRJ - Criminal Justice
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DAS - Dental Assisting
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ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
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EMS - Emergency Medical Services
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ENG - English Literature
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ENG - English Writing
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ENR - Engineering Science
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ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
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FRE - French/Foreign Language
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GEG - Geography
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GEO - Geology
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GLF - Golf Management
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HED - Health Education
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HIM - Health Information Technology
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HIS - History
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HMN - Humanities
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HON - Honors Studies
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HSM - Homeland Security Administration
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HUM - Human Services
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HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
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IDC - Honors Studies
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IDE - Interior Design
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MET - Mechanical Technology
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MTH - Mathematics
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OFT - Office Technology
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OPT - Optical Systems Technology
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PHL - Philosophy
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PHO - Photography
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PHY - Physics
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POS - Political Science
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PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
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PSY - Psychology
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SCR - Computer Security
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SGT - Surgical Technology
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SOC - Sociology
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SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
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SPC - Speech Communication
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TAM - Tooling and Machining
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THE - Theatre
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TRS - Transitional Studies
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TVL - Travel And Tourism