New and Updated Course Descriptions

MCC’s commitment to assessment produces a culture of continuous curriculum improvement. The recently updated courses listed below have been approved through the MCC curricular process and where necessary, approval by SUNY and NYSED. These will all be included in the final archived 2016 - 2017 College Catalog. For more information, please contact the appropriate Academic Department.

ACC - Accounting
ANT - Anthropology
ART - Art
ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
BIO - Biology
BUS - Business
CHI - Chinese/Foreign Language
CIN - Cinema Studies
CIS - Computer Information Systems
CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
COM - Communication
COS - College Success
EBL - Experience Based Learning
ENG - English Writing
FPT - Fire Protection Technology
FRE - French/Foreign Language
GER - German/Foreign Language
HEG - Health Education Global
HIS - History
HSM - Homeland Security Administration
ITA - Italian/Foreign Language
JPN - Japanese/Foreign Language
MTH - Mathematics
MUS - Music
NUR - Nursing
OPT - Optical Systems Technology
PHO - Photography
PLE - Police: Law Enforcement
PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
PSY - Psychology
SBS - Honors Studies
SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
SPC - Speech Communication
THE - Theatre