New and Revised Courses

The new or revised courses listed below have been approved through the curricular process
and will appear in the 2016 - 2017 College Catalog. For more information, please contact the appropriate Academic Department Chairperson.

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AAD - Applied Art and Design
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ACC - Accounting
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AGS - Agricultural Studies
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ANT - Anthropology
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ART - Art
ART 204 - Drawing II (Revised)
This course expands upon the basic skills developed in ART 104. The student will be provided with advanced drawing problems related to creative and expressive image making. Various approaches to methods, materials, subject and content will be explored as a way to continue to develop the student’s conceptual and perceptual abilities. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. Two class hours, four studio hours. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 104
ART 130 - Sculpture I (Revised)
This course offers a foundation in sculpture as necessary for continued sculptural exploration, including basic knowledge of additive, subtractive, and casting processes. Historical context, the creative process, conceptual development, evaluation, and criticism are emphasized. Students explore these issues through individual projects within a structured framework. Two class hours, four studio hours. (SUNY-A) 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 125
ART 175 - Art Travel (Revised)
A course that combines classroom instruction at the MCC campus with travel to and instruction at various off-campus locations including art museums, historical and landmark houses, art galleries, architecturally noteworthy urban sites or town developments. Variable class hours. Variable credit hours. Variable Credit.
ART 220 - Painting II (Revised)
This course expands upon the foundation established in Painting I. Increased emphasis will be placed on experimentation, the expressive potentials of the medium, and on developing a perspective on the relationship between the formal techniques and the conceptual aspects of painting. Participation in individual and group critiques of work produced during the course is expected. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials. Two class hours, four studio hours. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 120 or permission of instructor.
ART 125 - Three Dimensional Design: Foundation (Revised)
This course introduces the student to how the elements of line, plane, shape, volume and mass are manipulated in the design of 3D forms. Texture, transparency, unification, modification, color, and other effects on these elements are also incorporated. The elements are defined, experimented with individually, in combination, and cumulatively. Individuality is encouraged within the structured framework of each project. Students experience a wide range of materials and processes to develop a broad three-dimensional experience. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. Two class hours, four studio hours. 3 Credits.
ART 240 - Women, Art and Society (Revised)
This course examines the role of women in the visual arts as both image maker (artist) and as image (subject) and how these images reflect social constructs/expectations. This course fulfills the MCC requirement for a humanities or a social science elective. Three class hours. (SUNY-H) 3 Credits.
ART 230 - Sculpture II (Revised)
This course is a continuation of sculpture including figure study of the torso, and personal exploration in any of the three areas studied in ART 130. The student will concentrate on the development of a concept, experimentation, technical drawings and maquettes, leading to the creation of the final sculptural project. Two class hours, four studio hours. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 130
ART 120 - Painting I (Revised)
This course provides a foundation for a basic experience with painting. Exploration with the methods, materials and concepts of acrylic painting will be carried out in a studio setting. Through specifically assigned problems, the beginning student will develop a visual painting vocabulary. Color theory, pictorial composition, figure/ground relationships, visual perception, spatial concepts, and critical thinking skills will all be emphasized. Participation in individual and group critiques of work produced during the course is expected. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. Two class hours, four studio hours. (SUNY-A) 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 104 or permission of instructor.
ART 154 - Drawing the Human Figure (Revised)
This is an intensive studio-based course that deals primarily with the human form via the nude model and additional supporting means for that study. Assignments are designed to give the students the visual tools needed to accomplish accurate rendering of the figure, with emphasis on anatomy, proportion and the creative interpretation of the human form. A variety of media will be explored such as graphite, conte crayon, charcoal and ink wash. Guided strategies such as contour, gesture, and tonal studies will be utilized while drawing poses that vary in duration. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. Two class hours, four studio hours. 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ART 104 or permission of instructor
ART 104 - Drawing I: Foundation (Revised)
An introductory course that provides the student with experiences in working with a variety of subject matter and media. Various methods and materials (such as graphite, charcoal, conte crayon, and ink) will be explored, and a variety of mixed media techniques will be introduced. A range of drawing concepts will be covered including line, mass, texture, value, color, composition, and space. Emphasis is placed on the development of observational and technical skills needed for image making. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials for this course. Two class hours, four studio hours. (SUNY-A) 3 Credits.
ART 115 - Introduction to Illustration (New)
This course explores a full range of current commercial illustration methods and techniques utilizing the following media: pen and ink, colored pencils, water based media, and marker rendering. This course is also designed to give the student hands on introductory experience in the electronic design studio environment. The student will become acquainted with the computer as another art tool. Students will be using software on the Macintosh computers as well as peripherals such as color scanner, and digital cameras. One class hours, two studio hours. (SUNY-A) 3 Credits.

Prerequisite(s): ART 104 and ART 109 or permission of instructor.
ART 108 - Sketchbook: Processes and Materials (Revised)
This course is aimed at any artist, designer or craftsperson who wishes to develop their creative skills through working in sketchbooks. Students will explore traditional and contemporary uses of the sketchbook as an essential tool in creative practice. Emphasis will be placed on ideation, exploration of materials and techniques, and the development of each student’s creative process and areas of interest. The sketchbook will be presented both as a work in its own right and as a preparatory tool for future creative activity. Three class hours. (SUNY-A/H) 3 Credits.

Prerequisite: ENG 101 or permission of instructor
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ASL - American Sign Language/Foreign Language
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ATP - Automotive Technology
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BIO - Biology
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BUS - Business
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CE - Cooperative Education
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CHE - Chemistry
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CIN - Cinema Studies
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CIS - Computer Information Systems
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CIT - Civil and Construction Technology
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CLT - Clinical Laboratory Technician
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COM - Communication
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COS - College Success
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CPT - Computer Technology
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CRC - Computer Related Curricula
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CRJ - Criminal Justice
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DAS - Dental Assisting
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ELT - Electrical Engineering Technology/Electronics
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EMS - Emergency Medical Services
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ENG - English Literature
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ENG - English Writing
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ENR - Engineering Science
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ESL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages (ESOL)
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FRE - French/Foreign Language
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GEG - Geography
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GEO - Geology
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GLF - Golf Management
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HED - Health Education
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HIM - Health Information Technology
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HIS - History
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HMN - Humanities
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HON - Honors Studies
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HSM - Homeland Security Administration
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HUM - Human Services
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HVA - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
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IDC - Honors Studies
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IDE - Interior Design
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MET - Mechanical Technology
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MTH - Mathematics
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OFT - Office Technology
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OPT - Optical Systems Technology
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PHL - Philosophy
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PHO - Photography
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PHY - Physics
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POS - Political Science
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PPE - Physical Studies/Physical Education
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PSY - Psychology
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SCR - Computer Security
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SGT - Surgical Technology
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SOC - Sociology
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SPA - Spanish/Foreign Language
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SPC - Speech Communication
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TAM - Tooling and Machining
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THE - Theatre
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TRS - Transitional Studies
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TVL - Travel And Tourism