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New and Updated Programs

Students are expected to complete the degree requirements as listed that corresponds to the semester in which they matriculated into a program. Students who elect to change programs will be held accountable to the catalog requirements listed in the semester of their program change.

MCC’s commitment to assessment produces a culture of continuous curriculum improvement. The recently updated programs listed below have been approved through the MCC curricular process and where necessary, approval by SUNY and NYSED. These will all be included in the final archived 2016 - 2017 College Catalog. For more information, please contact the appropriate Academic Department.

Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten - Certificate12/06/2018 
Apprentice Training: Automotive - Toyota T-Ten - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Mechatronics - Certificate12/06/2018 
Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor - Certificate12/06/2018 
Accounting: General - A.A.S.02/28/2019 
Addictions Counseling - A.S.12/06/2018 
African-American Studies - A.S.12/06/2018 
Air Conditioning Technology: Heating And Ventilation - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Applied Integrated Technology - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Biotechnology - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Business Administration - A.S.01/04/2019 
Business: International Business - A.S.12/06/2018 
Chemistry - A.S.12/06/2018 
Child Care Practitioner - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Cinema And Screen Studies - A.S.12/06/2018 
Clinical Laboratory Technician - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Commercial Art And Illustration - A.S.12/06/2018 
Communication And Media Studies - A.S.12/06/2018 
Computer Information Systems - A.S.12/06/2018 
Computer Information Systems - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Computer Science - A.S.03/12/2019 
Computer Systems Technology - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Creative Writing - A.A.12/06/2018 
Criminal Justice - A.S.12/06/2018 
Criminal Justice: Institutional Corrections - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Criminal Justice: Police - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
English - A.A.12/06/2018 
Entrepreneurial And Applied Business Studies - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Fine Arts - A.S.12/06/2018 
Fire Protection Technology - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Fire Protection Technology - A.S.12/06/2018 
Gender And Sexuality Studies - A.S.12/06/2018 
Geography - A.S.12/06/2018 
Geology - A.S.12/06/2018 
Geospatial Information Science And Technology (Gist) - Certificate01/04/2019 
Global Studies - A.S.12/06/2018 
Golf Management - Certificate12/06/2018 
Graphic Design - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Health Studies - A.S.02/06/2019 
Homeland Security - A.S.12/06/2018 
Hospitality Management - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Human Services - A.S.12/06/2018 
Human Services - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Information And Network Technology - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Information Technology - A.S.12/06/2018 
Law Enforcement - Certificate12/06/2018 
Mathematics - A.S.12/06/2018 
Mechanical Technology - A.A.S.02/07/2019 
Music Performance - A.S.12/06/2018 
Nursing - A.A.S.02/07/2019 
Office Technology - Office Administrative Assistant - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Paralegal Studies - Certificate12/06/2018 
Philosophy - A.A.12/06/2018 
Photography/Television/Video Production - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Physical Education And Exercise Science - A.S.12/06/2018 
Physics - A.S.12/06/2018 
Private Security Studies - Certificate03/15/2019 
Psychology - A.S.12/17/2018 
Public Safety Communications - A.A.S.12/06/2018 
Sport Management - A.S.12/06/2018 
Surgical Technology - A.A.S.03/12/2019 
Sustainability Studies - A.S.12/06/2018 
Theatre Arts - A.S.12/06/2018 
Urban Studies - A.S.12/06/2018 
Wellness Coaching And Health Management - A.S.12/06/2018