Special Studies

PPE 180 - Anti-bullying Certification

Start Date: 03/02/2012 - End Date: 05/02/2014

This course is designed to train students to facilitate the “No Bystanders” program. In this experientially based course, students will be active participants learning about group process, active listening, counseling, and presentation. Understanding why people are bullies, bullied and/or bystanders is an integral part of the curriculum. Developing strategies to eliminate bullying is also a key component. The first portion of the semester will be spent understanding bullying behavior, both from the perspective of the bully and the bullied. Training to deliver the “No Bystanders” program is also included in this portion of the course. The second portion of the semester will provide opportunities to deliver the program in local schools and then reflect on this learning experience. One class hour.

1 Credit