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Carballada Scholars on the Path to MCC (03/28/2014)

Note: This is an ARCHIVED news release. Information in this article may have changed since this was published.

CarballadaScholarsROCHESTER, N.Y. –Students in Michele Carballada’s kindergarten class at Adlai E. Stevenson School No. 29 will be the first to attend Monroe Community College on a unique scholarship created just for them. Virginia and Carlos Carballada’s $200,000 gift to the Monroe Community College Foundation has established the Carballada Endowed Scholarship Fund for Rochester City Students, providing MCC scholarships to students taught by the Carballadas’ daughter.

“Virginia and I hope that this scholarship creates a vision for city youngsters and their parents—a vision that motivates them to stay in school and graduate from one of the finest community colleges in the country,” said Carlos Carballada, former city commissioner of neighborhood and business development and newly appointed interim director of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship.

Carballada is a member of the MCC Foundation Council. Last spring, he began exploring the idea to fund a scholarship in honor of his daughter and her teaching career, an idea that blossomed into an endowment that will benefit students for generations to come. M&T Bank Regional President and MCC Foundation Board Chair Dan Burns announced the scholarship to the students and parents today at School No. 29.

Beginning in the 2026-2027 academic year, scholarships will be awarded to Michele Carballada’s former students who complete high school with at least a B average. The amount awarded to each student will be based on their unmet financial need. As long as Michele Carballada teaches within the Rochester City School District, her students are the intended scholarship recipients. If Michele leaves teaching, recipients may come from any school within the City of Rochester.

“Many things aren’t equal for families today,” said Michele Carballada who began teaching in the district in 1993 and has taught kindergarten at School 29 for the past 11 years. “It’s hard for kids to focus on learning and seeing themselves going to college when they are faced with many obstacles. I was fortunate enough to go to college and pursue my dreams and now my parents are giving my students a chance to pursue their dreams as well,” she said.

“As the lead government sponsor for Monroe Community College, Monroe County is proud to count MCC among our strongest resources when it comes to capitalizing on higher education and workforce development to enhance local quality of life,” said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks. “With its tuition rate already among the lowest in the nation, this generous gift from Virginia and Carlos Carballada will do even more to help MCC expand horizons for students in the Rochester City School District. I thank Carlos and Virginia for their long-time commitment to our community and look forward to seeing the Carballada Scholarship produce our area’s leaders of tomorrow for years to come.”

“Our thanks go to the Carballadas for inspiring Rochester students and for planting the seeds for MCC’s class of 2028,” said MCC President Anne M. Kress. “For many of our students, receiving a scholarship is a decisive factor in their ability to attend MCC and focus on their studies. Many will be the first in their family to earn a college degree, an accomplishment that can change the trajectory of a whole family. This scholarship will help students stay on track to earn the college credential they need to achieve personal success and compete for rewarding careers in the future.”

“Virginia and Carlos Carballada are investing in these students’ lives and creating a better future for Rochester through their endowed scholarship fund at the MCC Foundation,” said Diane L. Shoger, MCC Foundation executive director. “The bond between MCC and the Rochester City School District is strengthened through the Carballadas’ generosity and their commitment shows how an investment in MCC is an investment in our entire community’s prosperity. We thank the Carballadas for their generous gift that will undoubtedly change lives and hope it will inspire many people throughout our community. ”

“Education is Mayor Warren’s and the City of Rochester’s top priority,” said Deputy Mayor Leonard E. Redon. “We thank the Carballada family for helping Rochester’s young people overcome the financial barriers that hold them back from achieving their potential through higher education.”

“The Carballada Endowed Scholarship Fund for Rochester City Students reminds us how young students need our community’s support to stay focused on their education,” said Rochester City School District Chief of Staff Patricia Malgieri. “Superintendent Bolgen Vargas and the Rochester City School District are grateful to Virginia and Carlos Carballada for inspiring our students in such a meaningful and generous way.”

“Education fills your soul,” said Michele Carballada. “Ask kindergarteners why they want to go to college and they will share their dreams of becoming doctors, engineers and teachers. There is no better place to plant the seed for higher education than in an elementary school classroom.”

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