Course Descriptions

ESL 178 - Grammar In Writing

2 Credits

This course is designed to promote the development of grammatical accuracy through reading, writing, discussions, and formal instruction. Students will summarize and analyze grammar structures in academic material and focus on revising and editing their writing for correctness. They will also improve their fluency and their ability to identify grammatical errors through weekly in-class journaling.

Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or higher in ESL 130 or ESL 145, or placement ad advanced level on proficiency test, or permission of program coordinator; ESL 201 taken concurrently or previously completed.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.Identify grammar structures in a variety of texts.
2.Use advanced level English grammar structures in writing.
3.Identify errors that contribute to a lack of accuracy.
4.Correct errors that contribute to a lack of accuracy.
5.Summarize nonfiction texts.

Course Offered Fall and Spring

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