Marketing and Community Relations

Media Experts Resource Guide

Monroe Community College is privileged to have the kind of faculty and staff who are talented and knowledgeable experts.
The Media Experts Resource Guide was developed as an initiative of the MCC’s Marketing and Community Relations office and the Faculty Senate to provide members of the Rochester community with a valuable reference tool. This guide enables media and civic and community groups easy access to a number of experienced authorities who are well versed in a wide range of topics. From accounting to optics, from adolescent issues to law, MCC faculty and staff possess a wealth of important and insightful information.

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NameAreas of Expertise
ARNONE, BARBARA Culture, Education, Language
Sign language interpreter - 20 years, deaf culture familiarity - 20 years, M.S. in Education - Educational Interpreter - Post-Secondary
AVALONE VALARIEStrategic planning, planning, accreditation, leadership development, project management, facilities planning, sustainability
BAILEY, DUDLEY (SKIP) L.Athletics, Fitness, Baseball
BENZ, ILENE Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Public Speaking, Storytelling,
Creativity, Goal Setting & Achievement, Strategic Planning, Change, Teamwork, Supervisory Skills/Leadership, Marketing & Public Relations, Customer Service, Corporate Training, Career Development, Employee Development & Recognition, Employee Communication
BONADONNA, PETER A.Emergency Medical Services, Defibrillation, Prehospital care, Paramedics, Advanced Cardiac Life Support - ACLS,
BRENNAN, PAUL Technology, metal working, model making
CNC Machining, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (G.D.T.), Blueprint Reading, Metrology Machine Mathematics, Computer Aided Manufacturing
BURKE, DONNA C.MCC, Admissions, Home-schooling issues, high school graduation requirements, disability issues, keys to academic success, embracing change, using technology to improve productivity, mediating conflict
CARDILLO, KAREN M.Stress Management, Women's Health and Wellness
CARROLL, MICHAELComputer Networks, system administration and information security; WiFi and WiMAX wireless networks; manufacturing, automation, and robotics.
CASALINUOVO-ADAMS, CHRISTINECollege Planning, MCC Admissions, Opportunities for High School Honors Students to Earn College Credit, College Planning for Parents, College Planning for Adults, Planning an Open House.
COFFEY, JAMES J.Interpersonal Communication Skills, Relationship Building, Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness, Early Childhood, Developing Self Esteem in Children, Language Development in Children,Higher Education, the Role of Play and the Arts in Early Childhood.
CUPELLO, NELSON A.Athletics, Fitness, Soccer Coach
DINGEE, SALLYUndecided College Students, Academic Advising, Career Decision Making
DION, AUDRAInternational student affairs and immigration regulations.
DISALVO, CHARLESSecurity Service Provision, Asset Protection, Security Survey and Risk Assessment Services, and Physical Security Methods
DOOLIN MIKEAdult students; adults preparing to return to college
DRUMRIGHT, WILLIAMFranklin D. Roosevelt (presidential years, most notably); Tennessee Valley Authority; New Deal
DUBOIS, DANIEL S.Athletics, Aquatics, Swim Coach / Program Administration
DUTTER, GORDONFrench politics and international relations in the 1930s. Currently, I have been reading about the Jamestown settlement, in view of the 400th anniversary of its founding next year, and about the (many dubious) historical claims made in The Davinci Code, in view of the large number of people who have been learning about history from this bestseller. I teach Western Civilization, East Asian history, and early American history.
EDELBACH, BRIANOrganometallic and Organic Chemistry
Pre-Pharmacy Advisor
FLATLEY, ANNEFitness, womens issues in wellness and fitness, kayaking, sports medicine, athletic training, and therapeutic exercise, massage therapy, program design for fitness
GIZZI, BETHANYGender & women's issues, women in the workplace, women in politics, family issues, single-parents, marriage & divorce, environmental sociology, feminism & feminist activism,
sustainability and environmental issues.
HUGHES, ANNE Online learning, student retention in online courses, teaching career development online, returning adult student issues, group career counseling, online career counseling.
KAUFMAN, JUDY Biology, Health Issues
Nutrition, Microbiology, HIV/AIDS
KELLY, ELIZABETH Fitness, Higher Education, Psychology, Sport Psychology
KING, ROBERT Agriculture, marketing, land use, regulatory, good agricultural practices, public safety
MALIK, AMANUEL Academic, Financial Aid/Scholarship, Transfer Advisement. English Literature/Writing, Philosophy/Critical Thinking, Theology, Catholic Spirituality/Grief Counseling, Leadership
MAPES, CYNTHIA COOPERCommunication, Crisis Communication,
Strategic Communication, Public Relations Planning
Personal money management topics, financial planning, credit management, auto, homeowners/life, renters insurance, car buying, home buying, investing
MORRIS, KAREN L.Business Law, Criminal Law, The Harry Potter Series, Food Service,
Law, Politics, Women's Issues
Legal aspects of Hotel/Casino Management
Current Affairs dealing with legal issues
MOSES, LORI media literacy
media studies
MULLANEY, JOAN C.Interpersonal Relationships, Students, Women's Issues, Adult Students
MURPHY, MARGARET M.Curriculum philosophy & development, Academic assessment,program review, building and using appropriate scoring rubrics, student learning outcomes, student evaluation, and program evaluation, program design and development, quantitative and qualitative research methods and designs, Children's Literature, William Faulkner, Women's Studies, Online teaching & curriculum development
NOLAN, MICHAEL P.Adolescent Issues, Childhood, Education, Higher Education, Human Rights, Literacy, School Systems
History of Recorded Sound - from Edison to digital. Early Childhood Education - infant to 5 years. (Headstart) K-12 School Districts - former VP of local school board
Model Builder - all scales
Model Railroader - all scales
Digital Photography & Digital Video
ORNT, PATRICIA A.Education, Interpersonal Relationships, Students, Women's Issues,Returning Adult Students, Study Skills, Time Management and Note Taking Skills
PARES-KANE, NAYDAMy focus is international and intercultural issues and race and ethnic relations. In addition, within my courses I examine globalization and its consequences, urban issues and general social reform.
PASTO-ZIOBRO, DOLORES Accounting, Law, Women's Issues, Auditing
Accounting - Non-profit & SUNY, 15 years
Law - Federal & State Student Financial Aid, Community Colleges, 15 years
Auditing - Financial, Operational & Compliance, 19 years
Women's Issues - Issues that affect women at work, Women's Rights Movement, 8 years
REAVES, CELIA C.Psychology - Specialties include visual perception, memory, thinking, intelligence, language
Science - Specialties include research design and interpretation, statistical analysis
RHODE, DENEENMassage Therapy, Massage Therapy Curriculum,
Somatic Therapies, Ethics of Touch, Stress Management, Wholistic Health
ROBERTSON, DANMost aspects of geology, specializing in natural resources (economic geology), but also including volcanic regions and associated hazards. Most aspects of physical geography, with emphasis on climate patterns.
RODRIGUEZ, KRISTAOral health issues and patient education Dental Assisting professional activities (Vice President of the local Rochester Dental Assistants Society) President Elect, New York Dental Assistants Association Dental Assisting legislative and employment issues (legislative committee member for the state DA association, NYDAA, and member of the Education Committee for the national DA association, ADAA)
SANTOS, JOANN L.Organizational Management, Grant-writing, Visionary Leadership, Spanish translation, Leadership, Community Engagement, Event coordination,
SARDONE, CHRISTOPHERTaxation, both Personal and Corporate Issues
Accounting and Tax software
Small Business start up
SMITH, CATHRYN E.Education, Graphics, Higher Education, Interpersonal Relationships, Language, Literature, Substance Abuse, Technology, Women's Issues
SQUIRES, RICHARD D.Popular culture, particularly film. Horror fiction. Cemetery studies. Local history.
STRAUBHAAR, RITAAmerican Sign Language, Deaf Culture, Accessibility Issues for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People,Assistive Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
STRIEBICH, JOHNSmall Business, Entrepreneurism, Marketing/Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations,Tax accounting,Economics.
WADACH, JOHN B.Engineering, Physics
WEINGART, MICHAELAmerican Sign Language - history, Deaf cultural trends, basic linguistics, neurolinguistics, teaching methodology
Education - second language methodology, learning theories, cultural foundations, social structure
Technology - electronic teacher portfolio
WHEELER, HOLLYTeaching Children's Literature, Detective Fiction, Mythology, Introduction to Literature, American Literature, College Composition and Advanced Composition. Other areas of expertise: Curriculum Development, Faculty Governance, and online teaching.
WILLARD, WANDA Psychology: Child, Adolescence, Adulthood, Aging, Learning and Behavior Disorders in Children,
Health Issues: Stress & Coping; Gender Differences in Health & Illness