Welcome to the Student Services Mentoring Database

The Student Services Professional Development Committee has implemented this project to expand the opportunities for staff to provide and receive mentoring services within the college community.

Mentoring is defined as an opportunity to exchange information in a safe trusting environment for the growth of both parties.

Mentoring may be in the form of a single informational session or a series of coaching sessions.

Staff and faculty listed here have volunteered to share their expertise as a mentor, however, please respect their indication as to current availability.

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Faculty and Staff
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AVALONE VALARIEStrategic planning, planning, accreditation, leadership development, project management, facilities planning, sustainability
AVALONE, VALARIEStrategic planning, accreditation, facilities planning,project management,organizational management.
BAKER, SUSAN D.Student Services administration-student development
BELLUCCIO, COURTNEYEvent Planning and Outdoor Activities.
BONADONNA, PETER A.Emergency Medical Services, Defibrillation, Prehospital care, Paramedics, Advanced Cardiac Life Support - ACLS,
BURKE, DONNA C.MCC, Admissions, Home-schooling issues, high school graduation requirements, disability issues, keys to academic success, embracing change, using technology to improve productivity, mediating conflict
CARDILLO, KAREN M.Stress Management, Women's Health and Wellness
CARROLL, MICHAELComputer Networks, system administration and information security; WiFi and WiMAX wireless networks; manufacturing, automation, and robotics.
DINGEE, SALLYUndecided College Students, Academic Advising, Career Decision Making
DION, AUDRAInternational student affairs and immigration regulations.
DISALVO, CHARLESSecurity Service Provision, Asset Protection, Security Survey and Risk Assessment Services, and Physical Security Methods
DOOLIN MIKEAdult students; adults preparing to return to college
EDELBACH, BRIANOrganometallic and Organic Chemistry
Pre-Pharmacy Advisor
Elizabeth PrescodInformation Technology
Computer Science
Business Management
Leadership Development Training
FLATLEY, ANNEFitness, womens issues in wellness and fitness, kayaking, sports medicine, athletic training, and therapeutic exercise, massage therapy, program design for fitness
GIZZI, BETHANYGender & women's issues, women in the workplace, women in politics, family issues, single-parents, marriage & divorce, environmental sociology, feminism & feminist activism,
sustainability and environmental issues.
KING, ROBERT Agriculture, marketing, land use, regulatory, good agricultural practices, public safety
MALIK, AMANUEL Academic, Financial Aid/Scholarship, Transfer Advisement. English Literature/Writing, Philosophy/Critical Thinking, Theology, Catholic Spirituality/Grief Counseling, Leadership
MOSES, LORI media literacy
media studies
MOYSE, KATHLEENEffectively representing and advocating for community-based organizations
MURPHY, MARGARET M.Curriculum philosophy & development, Academic assessment,program review, building and using appropriate scoring rubrics, student learning outcomes, student evaluation, and program evaluation, program design and development, quantitative and qualitative research methods and designs, Children's Literature, William Faulkner, Women's Studies, Online teaching & curriculum development
ORNT, PATRICIA A.Education, Interpersonal Relationships, Students, Women's Issues,Returning Adult Students, Study Skills, Time Management and Note Taking Skills
PARES-KANE, NAYDAMy focus is international and intercultural issues and race and ethnic relations. In addition, within my courses I examine globalization and its consequences, urban issues and general social reform.
RODRIGUEZ, KRISTAOral health issues and patient education Dental Assisting professional activities (Vice President of the local Rochester Dental Assistants Society) President Elect, New York Dental Assistants Association Dental Assisting legislative and employment issues (legislative committee member for the state DA association, NYDAA, and member of the Education Committee for the national DA association, ADAA)
SANTOS, JOANN L.Organizational Management, Grant-writing, Visionary Leadership, Spanish translation, Leadership, Community Engagement, Event coordination,
SARDONE, CHRISTOPHERTaxation, both Personal and Corporate Issues
Accounting and Tax software
Small Business start up
SQUIRES, RICHARD D.Popular culture, particularly film. Horror fiction. Cemetery studies. Local history.
STRAUBHAAR, RITAAmerican Sign Language, Deaf Culture, Accessibility Issues for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People,Assistive Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.