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Law/Criminal Justice
Monroe Community College
Damon City Campus
DCC, Room 4164
Phone Number: 585-262-1769

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Elizabeth Clifford has been a full time faculty member at MCC since 1999. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from Syracuse University, she became a probation officer. After working in this field for eight years, she went to Syracuse University College of Law and received her Juris Doctor degree. She was then hired by the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office where she worked for twenty-two years. During these twenty-two years she was a trial attorney, an appellate counsel and the Deputy Chief of the Appeals Bureau. During her last five years in the DA’s Office, she taught part-time as an adjunct at MCC in the Law and Criminal Justice Department. In 1999 she joined the staff as a full-time instructor and as the Director of the Paralegal Program.

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