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Business Administration
Monroe Community College
North Faculty Tower
Brighton Campus
Building 5, Room 220
Phone Number: 585-292-3323

E-Mail Address:

Job Responsibilities:
  • Teach a variety of Accounting courses each semester:
  • I also occasionally teach BUS104, Introduction to Business. My professional duties include serving on various college committees and taking part in community service activities. My primary job, though, is contributing to student success.

    Academic Background:
  • I attended Nazareth College for one year as a chemistry major. After working for a year, I began taking evening classes at RIT. My first two classes were Accounting and Psychology. I liked the Accounting class so well that I chose that for my new major. I received my associate and bachelor degrees in Accounting through RIT's College of Continuing Education (night school). RIT's graduate school of business offered all their courses at night and I earned an MBA attending classes, evenings after work. It took a long time, but it was worth it.

    Professional Experience:
  • During most of the time I was at RIT, I worked for Theatre Confections, Inc. (795 Monroe Ave.) as an operations analyst. In the middle of my MBA program, I began working for the Gleason Works (1000 University Ave.) as a financial analyst. I changed careers in 1988 when I accepted a teaching position here at MCC.

    Publications and Conferences:
  • Co-authored "Accounting Demonstration Problems Workbook" as a member of the Accounting Discipline Group.

    Professional Activities and Awards:
  • Received NISOD Excellence Award Medallion and Certificate for teaching excellence.
  • I am a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and belong to the Institute of Management Accountants.

    Non-professional Interests:
  • Attending my children's sporting events, reading "Sports Illustrated", playing the piano, staying up late reading novels, taking vacations, playing "Free Cell."

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