Faculty Web Pages Line

Below is a listing of the FACULTY at MCC that currently have web pages.

BENZ , ILENEVisual and Performing Artsibenz@monroecc.edu
BOETTRICH , CHRISTIANInformation and Computer Technologiescboettrich@monroecc.edu
EWANECHKO , MARYBusiness Administrationmewanechko@monroecc.edu
FARRELL , KATHLEEN M.Visual and Performing Artskfarrell@monroecc.edu
FINCH , CRISTINHealth and Physical Educationcfinch@monroecc.edu
KENNEDY , ROBERTLaw/Criminal Justicerkennedy@monroecc.edu
LEUZZI , ANTHONYEnglish/Philosophyaleuzzi@monroecc.edu
OFSOWITZ , MICHAELPsychologymofsowitz@monroecc.edu
PALMER , LAURIE J.Nursinglpalmer@monroecc.edu
REAVES , CELIA C.Psychologycreaves@monroecc.edu
RODRIGUEZ , RAMON L.Financial Aidrrodriguez@monroecc.edu
SEEBURGER , PAUL E.Mathematicspseeburger@monroecc.edu
SHAW , DAVIDVisual and Performing Artsdshaw@monroecc.edu
STRIEBICH , JOHNBusiness Administrationjstriebich@monroecc.edu

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