Bibliography and Reflection for Scholars' Day Applications


As part of the judging that will determine scholarship prizes for the best presentations at Scholars’ Day, we require that you submit a short annotated bibliography of sources that have informed your work, briefly describing how those sources informed or are incorporated into your work, and a paragraph describing the way that you developed your project.

For your bibliography, list two sources that have been used in the research that is part of your presentation[1]. Provide a proper and correct bibliographic entry for each source that you list, and a short (two or three sentence) evaluative description of how that source is used in your work. Use MLA or APA style for your bibliographic entry.

For the reflection on the development of your project, write a single paragraph (no more than 200 words) describing how you developed your project, from start to near finish. Why did you decide on the specific topic of the project? What steps did you take to become informed about the topic? What decisions did you have to make as you worked on the project? Write a coherent paragraph, not a list of answers to these questions. (Groups should submit one paragraph representing the group.) Please attach this paragraph to your annotated bibliography.

The best online source for description of MLA style is Purdue's OWL MLA page.
And the best online APA source is Purdue's OWL APA page.

For brief descriptions and examples of annotated bibliographies, see:

Cornell's Library Libguide 
MCC's Library Libguide 
U. Maryland University College Library 
Or our own video tutorial from Professor Markham

If your project is a group effort, please submit only one document representing the group. If you have more than two sources as part of your project, limit your list to two for this annotated bibliography assignment. If you are presenting more than one project at Scholars’ Day, you must submit one annotated bibliography + reflection for each presentation that is competing for scholarship funds. The annotated bibliography and development paragraph will be rated, and its score will be a part of the overall scholarship scoring. (If you are not eligible for the scholarship competition, then no submission is required.)

Submit your document as a Word file, RTF, or PDF (attachment) to Professor Jennifer Markham at

The due date for this requirement is April 19, 2019.

    1. These may include traditional published articles or books, or musical scores, fictional literature, technical manuals, etc.