The 2017 Scholars' Day Committee members

Pictured is the 2017 committee with Margot Lee Shetterly (l. to r.: Jim Cronmiller, Michael McCullough, Jennifer Markham, Michael Ofsowitz, Margot Lee Shetterly, Jodi Oriel, Christopher Kumar, Marjorie Crum, Jennifer Hill, Michelle Parker; absent: Catherine Ganze-Smith)

The 2017 Scholars' Day Committee members:

  • Michael Ofsowitz (Co-chair, Psychology)
  • Jodi Oriel (Co-chair, Office of Student Life and Leadership Development)
  • James Cronmiller (Biology)
  • Marjorie Crum (Visual and Performing Arts)
  • Catherine Ganze-Smith (English & Philosophy)
  • Jennifer Hill (Biology)
  • Christopher Kumar (Engineering & Physics)
  • Jennifer Markham (Biology)
  • Michael McCullough (Library)
  • Michelle Parker (Psychology)


And, of course, Scholars' Day would not be possible without financial support. Generous financial support has been provided by:

  • President’s Office
  • MCC Foundation
  • MCC Association and Visiting Scholars
  • ESL Charitable Foundation
  • Office of the Academic Vice President
  • Office of the Student Services Vice President
  • Deans of all of the academic divisions, and many individual departments.