Scholars' Day Review is a faculty-juried journal showcasing the exceptional presentation papers of student scholars who participated in Monroe Community College's Scholars' Day.

Volume 4 will appear in the fall of 2017. To this end, the editors of Scholars' Day Review invite participants in Scholars' Day to submit an original presentation paper accompanied by a summarizing abstract. Submissions are due by May 31.

Submission guidelines

To be eligible for submission, a presentation at Scholars' Day must have been based on the paper.

The editors will modify document format for publication; however, follow our guidelines below to provide a uniform original document, which allows reviewers to focus on content, and editors to most efficiently and reliably format the article for publication.

  1. Title page and abstract: Submit your document with a title page that includes your paper's title and the name(s) of the author(s). Include an abstract on a separate page. (The abstract is subject to the guidelines used for Scholars' Day.)
  2. Headers and footers: Include page numbers only, without personally-identifying information (no author name alongside page numbers). If you are following Chicago citation style or otherwise using footnotes, include them at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, no other header or footer should be included.
  3. File format: Submit your manuscript, including tables, figures, appendices, etc., in a single document in Word, RTF, or OpenOffice format. (Word is preferred. Please note: Do not submit documents in PDF, pages, Works, plain text, etc.)
  4. Page size: Set your page layout to 8.5 x 11-inches (typically default on most computers).
  5. Length: Although not a strict limit, papers over 5,000 words may need to be shortened.
  6. Margins: All margins (left, right, top, and bottom) should be 1 inch (2.6 cm), including your tables and figures. Use a single column layout with left (but not right) margin justified. (The right side of text should not appear lined up perfectly with the right margin.)
  7. Spacing: Double-space your text. Do not add extra line spacing between paragraphs. Do not add page or section breaks within the electronic document.
  8. Fonts: Main Body: 12-pt. Garamond or the closest comparable font available. Footnotes: 10-pt. Garamond or the closest comparable font available. Set the font color to black.
  9. Images and figures: If your paper includes images these should be set "in line" with text (not wrapped), labeled, and in .jpg format (not .png or .tiff) to reduce file size. If the images or figures are not original, proper citation must be included.
  10. English only (or provide translation): Write your article in English; foreign-language articles must be accompanied by a translation. Use footnotes or endnotes to define uncommon foreign words and phrases.
  11. Proofread: Make sure you carefully copy-edit your manuscript before submission. We recommend and strongly encourage students to have the faculty sponsor review it.
  12. Prior publication: Submissions cannot have been previously published, or currently be submitted elsewhere for consideration for publication (e.g., to another journal, online or in print).
  13. Contact Information: Please provide contact information (email addresses) for all authors; if you (or co-authors) are leaving MCC before the end of the fall semester, include an email address that will be valid in the fall. Use the preferred email account of the primary author to submit the paper, since we might seek contact during the summer.
  14. Citations: Please use the citation style most commonly used by your field of scholarship; if you are uncertain of which to use, we suggest MLA or APA. For an extensive list of style guides, see the Virginia Tech library site. All submissions without citations will be returned. We recommend using the following styles:

Deadline for submissions is May 31. Please send submissions to:

 For more information, please contact Professor Michael Ofsowitz

Scholars' Day Review volume 4 cover


Michael Ofsowitz, PSY 

Associate Editor
Scott Rudd, ENG/PHL
Editorial Board
Sandy Chamberlain, ILC
James Cronmiller, BIO
Rebecca Horwitz, PSY
Margaret Kaminsky, CHM
Jay Keith, ENG/PHL
Robert Muhlnickel, ENG/PHL
Mark Sample, AHPS
Mary Timmons, Library
Daniel Tyree, AHPS