MCC Downtown: A Place to Discover

“I benefited most from the downtown campus, where the energy of the city was both inspiring and familiar.”

George Moses, Class of 2002

When MCC opened its doors in downtown Rochester 50 years ago, more than 700 people—daughters, sons, husbands and wives—were energized and ready to enroll. A community college that was easy to get to, offering a high quality education, in the heart of downtown Rochester: it was a dream come true for many.

It still is.

Today, nearly 3,000 students attend classes at MCC’s Damon City Campus (DCC), adding to the pulse of our city. With MCC Board of Trustees’ recommendation of a new campus on Rochester’s State Street at the Kodak complex, the college will be able to offer outstanding higher education in an urban environment to even more Rochester community members.

DCC is more than a campus, it’s a destination for higher learning: a caring, respectful learning community where students, faculty and staff are focused on excellence and achievement. DCC is home to unique programs that take advantage of its rich urban setting, such as human services, teacher education, service-learning and criminal justice.

For those who want to take classes or participate in activities at the Brighton Campus, a free shuttle is available between campuses, adding to the experience and the value of an MCC degree.

DCC enrollment has grown more than 480 percent in the last 16 years, proving that people want the ability to take classes and earn their degrees downtown, and MCC wants to continue to meet that need. As DCC grows, however, it is faced with the challenge of providing quality education in spaces that are quickly being outpaced – but we’re working on that.

Our space may be limited now, but the potential of this growing campus is considerable. A new campus on State Street in the Kodak complex opens possibilities for the college to do even more to help students while revitalizing our local economy through:

- Quality learning spaces that match what is available at the Brighton Campus
- Increased potential for partnerships with employers, especially downtown employers
- Close proximity to neighborhood amenities and cultural offerings
- Accessible parking
- Greater downtown internship opportunities

"We are fulfilling our promise to the community: to give our incredibly talented students a campus that reflects their aspirations, goals and dreams," said MCC President Anne M. Kress. "A new downtown campus for our diverse community of students is a wise investment for our community, one that will bring even greater benefits to the entire region."